Why this Blog?

Nepal’s energy situation is marred with shortages and massive power outage. Only 40% of Nepalese have access to electricity. Power shortage in Nepal is such acute that even the fortunate 40% of the population with access to electricity have to face massive blackouts for up to 16 hours a day. Despite big challenges, huge opportunities lie in front of us. Only 2% of the economically feasible hydro-electricity is produced so far. Moreover, we have the opportunity to look at other countries’ energy policies and formulate our own based on their successes and failures.

This blog primarily focuses on the discussions of various topics related with Nepal’s energy sector such as hydropower status, electricity, viability of other renewable technologies, energy policy and regulations, and potential opportunities of investing in energy projects.

About me

I recently received a PhD degree on Energy Management and Policy from Dept of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State University. It is an interdisciplinary program combining energy engineering, economics, and policy. My research interests are in the fields of energy economics, renewable energy, energy policy, and electricity. I have bachelors degrees in Physics and Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Love to run and play soccer. Ardent Chelsea FC follower. Dream chaser and somewhat impulsive by nature. Please visit my View Suman Gautam's profile on LinkedIn  or contact me at suman.gautam@energyfornepal.com or follow me at twitter for further information.



6 thoughts on “Why this Blog?

  1. I have been reading your blogs lately and they are very good. My name is Pallav Bajracharya, studying MBA: international business at University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), expected graduation is May 2017. I did my undergraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from UNO. Lately, me and my team are making a business plan to develop the Hydro power industry of Nepal. The purpose of the business plan is to see if this project is feasible or not.

    Your blogs have been very helpful to understand the situation of Nepal. Keep posting your research and if applicable in future we will sight your sources as well.

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    • Pallav, I am glad to hear that my blog is helping you and your team in understanding the current situation. Please let me know if you would like to know about energy topics that are not covered in my blog. And good luck on your effort.

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      • Thank you for replying. I am glad that we are having this conversation. I was wondering if the Government of Nepal and Nepal Electricity Authority would ever think to deregulated the power industry. Do you have any knowledge on how the Independent Power Providers in Nepal are generating revenue? Your help is highly appreciated.


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